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Picasso’s depictions of animals are among the most moving of his works and, for Picasso lovers at least, rank among the most moving animal portraiture in the history of Western art. In addition to his beloved dogs, Picasso kept a wide variety of animals through much of his life. A goat slept outside his bedroom. He boarded doves and famously nursed an injured owl back to health. He painted cats, primates, and all sorts of birds. He deeply identified with the circus since a young age, and painted its entire complement of animals repeatedly. He was an avid bullfight spectator, and that spectacle featured prominently in his work as well. Picasso’s father was also an artist, whose major artistic focus…

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More Frauds on eBay

Dear Kobi, I found your “Collecting Pitfalls” chapter in your manuscript on the Internet very interesting and informative. There is an offering on eBay for an “original” of Blind Minotaur Led by Young Girl from the 1956 German Vollard Suite, signed by Picasso in pencil. Was there a 1956 German edition of the Vollard Suite? The authenticity of the piece is certified by ______, who the poster of the ebay listing says is a very well known reputable appraiser of Picasso works from England. Have you ever heard of this person? Also, do you have the 1934 Blind Minotaur Led by Young Girl from the original Vollard Suite and, if so, what is the asking price for it? Best regards,…

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