In order to understand individual variations in taste regarding Picasso and, specifically, Picasso’s prints, the correlations between these preferences and other cultural predispositions in fine art and, for starters, music, and, ultimately, in order to better understand the human mind, I’ve been toying with the idea of compiling a Personal Picasso Print Personality Profile (PPPPP) for each of you readers who have waded this far down into this tripe. It would of course require that you respond to that dreaded document, the questionnaire, but, to make it easy on you, I’d accept answers to any of the questions you chose to answer even if you didn’t complete the entire questionnaire. How’s that? I’m also open to suggestions of other questions. Here’s my opening list (for want of sufficient website expertise, I’d ask you to simply cut and paste the questions and your answers into the email that comes up after clicking on the “Comments” link below):

a. Which are your favorite and least favorite prints on our website, and, for extra credit, why? (Please list the Bloch numbers if you can, since many of the titles of Picasso’s work were endlessly reused, not the least of which reason is the recurrence of certain of his central themes.)
b. Which are some of your favorite and least favorite Picasso prints or works in other media not on our site, and, for extra credit, why?
c. List your favorite artists in order of preference, including Picasso, and your least favorite artists. Specifically, what do you think of Chagall, Matisse, and Miro prints, and why?
d. List your favorite and least favorite musical artists or genres. (I’d especially like to know what you think of the Grateful Dead and Dylan. Sorry, I had to ask….)
e. Has your taste ever changed some time after purchasing an art object? Do you experience buyer’s remorse? What are the conditions which promote permanent satisfaction, and, by contrast, subsequent regret?