Welcome to our site. We are private art dealers who buy and sell original works of art exclusively by Picasso, chiefly his paintings, drawings, original prints, and ceramics. We do not trade in any reproductions whatsoever, photographic or otherwise, or in works made by others to appear like Picassos, and we unconditionally guarantee the authenticity of our inventory as original works by Picasso. Please click to view our online sales catalogue. This will bring you to a page of thumbnails, on each of which you can click for a larger image and for a complete description as well as, in most cases, a discussion of the work of art. As a sideline, we at times also broker the sales of other Picassos that are not shown in our sales catalogue.

1907 Autoportrait OPP.002

We generally purchase only the works we love. This approach ensures that you will see the most accomplished of Picasso’s works on our site, allowing for subjective differences in taste. We trust that you will find our prices to be far less than those of comparable Picassos in storefront galleries.

We have included a blog intended to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information regarding Picasso, his works, and related issues for our mutual enrichment. It is also intended as a repository for comments, questions, and feedback which you would like to share with the world of Picasso lovers. You might also be interested in perusing my (Kobi’s) book- length manuscript entitled A Guide to Collecting Picasso’s Prints, or my essays on Collecting Picasso Drawings and Collecting Picasso Paintings.

With our understanding of Picasso’s work and our practical knowledge of his market, we specialize in sourcing specific Picassos—or paragons of specific Picasso periods—and in advising our clients in building their collections. If you’re searching for any particular works by Picasso, or for any other inquiries, please feel free to email or call us.

Finally, we can buy or sell your Picassos—provided they are his original works of art. Privately. Securely. Often quickly. To start, just send a photo and description.

Happy hunting,

Kobi Ledor and Casey Ledor

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