Oil Slick

Artist:  Gina Ledor (2002 —  )
Date: 2019
Medium:  Digital painting (Apple Pencil on iPad Pro with Procreate graphic software) over imported pencil drawing
Dimensions:  Optional (first printing: 20 x 26″)
Paper:  Lexjet Metallic, an archival giclee paper (also available on aluminum or any other desired matrix)
Edition:  This is a small limited edition, likely very small, with (thus far) two states, the first below, the second above.  The first impression (as above) has been printed printed by LightRoom (Berkeley, CA), where subsequent prints on paper will also be accomplished.  (Aluminum prints are available at Bay Photo (Scotts Valley, CA).  The edition tally will be updated as other proofs are printed.  The total edition will not exceed 60 (numbered and/or artist’s) proofs.
Signature:  Digitally signed by the artist, lower right.
Condition:  Pristine, framed and glazed with Optium Tru-Vue Museum Glass
Exhibition history:  The David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA, June 6 – Sept. 12, 2019
Price:  Upon request

“I didn’t realize what grave danger our environment was in until I learned of the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill in 2010.  I saw pictures of birds and turtles drowned in oil and irreversibly contaminated waters. I wanted to show that our mistakes hurt us, too.”  -Gina

State I