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The NY Times today ran an update to the fake Picassos at Costco caper (note my earlier blog dated March 16, 2006, for the full story), which reported that the third and final Picasso which Costco had put up for sale (it sold two and withdrew one) was also deemed a fake by Maya Picasso. [...]

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04.04.06 | 2 comments

Blind Faith

Last week I heard the funniest story that I just have to blog. (Names have been omitted to protect the guilty.) A reputable dealer in Chicago told me that he sold a painting to a blind man. The blind man is a collector who had bought art from him for many years. He would typically [...]

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04.03.06 | 3 comments

Ceramics Hound

I very much appreciate your website, and blogs. I am interested in how much of your personal interest falls to Picasso’s ceramics, Edition or original, as opposed to his other works. I collect Edition Ceramics, exclusively at this point. -William G.

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04.03.06 | 1 comment

Mouse Stew

I’ve got a bad habit of going way out on a limb in advising my current and prospective clients what art to buy and what to avoid. It’s a time-consuming process, yet I only occasionally succeed in my efforts to alter anyone’s tastes or collecting proclivities. And lately I’ve begun questioning whether or not I [...]

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eVite to Blog

We invite you to share your thoughts and pose any questions about Picasso, his art, or the art market in general. Please note that we moderate your correspondence for suitability and edit it for readability. Regrettably, we also must conceal the specific identities of those persons or entities which may be cast in a negative [...]

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