A Guide to Collecting Picasso’s Original Prints

Copyright Kobi Ledor, MD, 2005 to date.  All rights reserved.



Part I
Chapter 1: A Short Semantic Sidestep
Chapter 2: Shades of Brown (if you’re lucky)
Chapter 3: The Customer is Always: ______(fill in the blank)
Chapter 4: But Some are More Equal than Others

Part II:    A Survey of Picasso’s Prints and Ceramics
Chapter 5: 1904-1931, Saltimbanque through Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Chapter 6: 1930-1944, The Vollard Suite through Dora Maar
Chapter 7: 1945-1955, Francoise et al.
Chapter 8: 1955-1967, Jacqueline et al.
Chapter 9: 1968-1972, The 347 and 156 Series
Chapter 10: The Ceramics

Part III
Chapter 11: But Would It go with my Red Couch?
Chapter 12: Is It Signed?
Chapter 13: Collecting Pitfalls