Sell Your Art

We can buy or sell your Picassos—provided they are his original works of art. Privately. Securely. Often quickly. To start, just send photos, dimensions, and a description to

1907 Autoportrait OPP.002Below are specifications of the kind of information that is helpful to us in evaluating your art. You need not provide all of it, and feel free at first to gather just that information, but the more you can, the better:

1. The photos should be of high resolution (at least 1 MB) if possible and should include the front and back of the art. If the art is unframed, a transilluminated photo of the watermark, if any, would be helpful.

2. The dimensions are key. If the piece is overmatted (partially covered by the top mat), there’s no need to unframe it, at least not at this point. But please supply the largest visible dimensions.

3. Its provenance, catalogue references, Internet location, authentication, and its retail and auction history including invoices, if any, would also be very useful.

4. Please indicate whether you are the owner, or what your relationship is to the owner and what rights you have to sell the item. (Historically, we are much likelier to consummate a sale if you are the actual owner, but we’re willing to listen to what you have to offer provided at the very least that the owners have specifically asked you to sell their art. If the latter is the case, please provide full details.)

5. Please also indicate your asking price, if you already know it. Otherwise, we could advise you in this regard.

We look forward to seeing your Picassos!

Picasso and Lump