This post is ostensibly about the blockbuster Picasso Sculpture show at the MOMA, but first a bit of kvelling.  Our 13-year-old daughter Gina won an international cello competition, first place in her age group, which led to a solo performance at Carnegie Hall. It provided a good excuse for the entire family to take in the Picasso show.

Gina does Carnegie

Picasso Sculpture runs through Sunday, February 7.  Words are simply not up to the task of doing this sculptor justice.  Thankfully by now enough critics have tried that I don’t need to further extol the exhibit–apart from just adding this word of encouragement: drop everything right now and go there!

It was great to see so many of our faves all at once—they never get old—but it was also delightful to be surprised by a number of sculptures Casey and I had never seen, let alone the kids.  Simply sensational!  And then taking in the permanent collection was of course a must.  What a museum!

Not to be outdone, just after returning home, our 11-year-old violinist Sofie was a debut artist with the vaunted San Francisco Chamber Orchestra.  She performed with them all over the Bay Area, including the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.  Here she is outside the Herbst:

Sofie at the Herbst Theatre 368KB

Top of the new year to you!  And best wishes from all of us….

MOMA pebble 334KB