from Another Museum in our Backyard

In some ways, we in the Bay Area live in a cultural wasteland.  Well, this was Jerry’s home and still the hub of the Dead two decades after his death, but as for the visual arts, we’re not New York or Paris.  So any sighting of a Picasso about town deserves being called to your attention.  Here’s one that has shuttled between sister museums, having spent a number of years at the Legion of Honor before arriving and being put up in style at the De Young Museum.  It took a few years, but this amusing plaster has really grown on me over successive sightings.  Don’t miss it—L’Orateur (The Orator, 1933-34).  It upstairs on the second floor.  Take a break from the Stellas (a fabulous retrospective, apparently including his best sculptures, through Feb. 26) or whatever is the current temporary exhibit and hike up to see the Picasso.  Maybe it’ll grow on you, too.  If not, try thinking of Big Bird….

Looks like a nice still life that we also used to see at the Legion followed him here, too, though this canvas wasn’t hanging around when I last lent an ear at The Orator‘s soapbox: