My French Doppelgänger

Hello Kobi,

I’m a print enthusiast and collector from France. I own a small website which is a guide to print collecting: . I have read your guide on collecting Picasso’s print with great amazement! I see we have a similar way of writing about our passion, and are compelled to help our reader enjoy their collecting journey (and avoiding scams on the way!). I was wondering if I could maybe translate some extracts of your guide in French, and publish it on my website. I would do the best translation possible, have it reviewed and, of course, link to you website and cite you has the author of the guide.  In exchange, I’d be glad to “give” you some of my articles to be translated in English if you ever need new content related to print collecting on your website.  Thanks in advance for your answer.

Greetings from France,
Luc Bertrand

Kobi:  Thank you for your very kind and overly generous words—I am not worthy!  Sure, I would be honored if you were to translate my tripe into your noble language and would of course greatly appreciate proper attribution as well as copious links to our site. 🙂   I’ve been swamped lately, but I am in agreement after a cursory look at your site that we do indeed have a lot in common!  Now if only the collecting world were to beat a path to our doorways….

Luc: Thanks a lot for your fast answer and your openness about having some of your written material hosted on my website.  I spent some more time reading your fabulous content. Producing content myself, I understand the great effort put into it. Your Picasso guide is a definitive reference. I really enjoy your writing style and the kindness you seem to have for your clients and prospective clients. I also really like the lengthy and personal explanations for the prints you have in stock. It’s a nice read, exactly what I’d love to find in sales catalogue or art books (instead of all the fluff written in there). I especially like the way you link prints to other works. Your passion for and knowledge of Picasso is admirable. Reading your guide, I thought this was exactly why I had wanted to start writing on prints: I could not find un-elitist, practical content that suited my early collector needs. So I started writing my “Guide on print collecting”. I wanted knowledge around prints to be a little more accessible (as, as you know, young collectors are buying more and more art prints online).  Anyways, I have already added links to your website here.  (My wild guess is that you read some French):

–  : This is a mini-guide on discovering Picasso’s prints and collecting them. I stumbled upon your guide while doing research for this article.

– : A former short attempt at helping readers to understand the nuance of collecting Picasso’s prints, starting from a few mistakes of mine. I should rework this one by now.

– : Is where I point my readers to trustworthy galleries I know and like.

So from here, I am going to dive more into your blog, in which I have already found a few jewels! I’d like to write a bigger (15-20 pages) Picasso guide, from your material, if that suits you.

Thanks again for your consideration.