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My French Doppelgänger

Hello Kobi, I’m a print enthusiast and collector from France. I own a small website which is a guide to print collecting: . I have read your guide on collecting Picasso’s print with great amazement! I see we have a similar way of writing about our passion, and are compelled to help our reader enjoy their collecting journey (and avoiding scams on the way!). I was wondering if I could maybe translate some extracts of your guide in French, and publish it on my website. I would do the best translation possible, have it reviewed and, of course, link to you website and cite you has the author of the guide.  In exchange, I’d be glad to “give” you some of […]

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Never Too Late Picasso

Looks like we won’t have a chance to see the blockbuster Gagosian show.  By now I’ve however looked through the catalogue a couple of times and am deeply impressed by the assortment of wonderful paintings he amassed for it. (I’m not so big on late Picasso prints, with a few notable exceptions.)  John Richardson’s essay was of course also quite gratifying, as usual.  This is not at all a criticism, for as Richardson somewhere says, including drawings would have of necessity greatly broadened the scope of the show.  It would, I imagine, have been difficult to assemble a suitably representative cross-section of his late works on paper, since his output in the last few years was both vast and varied. 

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Recommended Reading

1. Pablo Picasso: Catalogs of the Printed Graphic Work, Volume One: 1904-1967 by Georges Bloch is the single most often referenced volume of Picasso’s various print catalogue raisonnés. Despite thumbnail pictures, it catalogues 64 years of Picasso’s printmaking career, all but the last four years, and thus provides a wonderful overview of his art in a single, handy volume.  Alan Wofsy of San Francisco is the current publisher of the original French version, available at  At the time of this writing (which I am now updating as of 2015), there is as yet no English version.  But Bloch is mostly a picture book with little verbiage anyway, and the French is not hard to conquer. 2. PICASSO: THE REAL FAMILY STORY, by Olivier Widmaier Picasso,

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