Picasso’s Illustrated Books Exhibition

For any of you Picasso illustrated book fans, if you ever plan on visiting the Bay Area, the next several months might be a good time to do so. You could see the small but wonderful show of some of Picasso’s illustrated books currently on view at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco, through September 3rd. It features some of his best, rarest, and priciest illustrated books. Short on quantity but couldn’t be longer on quality. Just fantastic!

B95.jpg B308_300h.jpg
While you’re there, you wouldn’t want to miss the magnificent still life oil and a plaster sculpture in the permanent collection upstairs.

1945 still life with skull, leeks and pitcher 400w.jpg

And if you still have time to spare, you could always take in the Monet show….

Also, the Matthew Barney show at the SFMOMA is superb, if you go in for that sort of thing. Not nearly as big as his show at the Guggenheim a couple of years ago, but qualitatively just as nice, in my opinion. I love his work, but I know it’s not for everyone….