Window Treatment

I am home having film applied to the windows. I ended up getting a newer type that is made by 3M. It is more expensive but has no metal in it to interfere with cell and all other wireless stuff…. a problem in our apartment building. It is also slightly brighter but filters all the bad stuff just as well. -Heidi M.

2 thoughts on “Window Treatment”

  1. Oh-oh! So the product I got has metal, which is bad for cell and other wireless electronics? Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had mentioned that to me? Could you tell me more, so that I could modify my manuscript accordingly?

  2. I am not certain this was available when you selected your film. It is very new. It is named Prestige series PR70 by 3M. Our costs were 9.00 per sq ft vs 12.00 for the 3M. I have the specs and can give them to you if you wish. I do recommend if you apply more to get this. It is definitely clearer and brighter. Technology on the march!!!!!!

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